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What does volunteerism mean to you?

December 14, 2009

Around the holiday season, people are more inclined to volunteer their time to those less fortunate. So I decided to ask a bunch of people around Rowan‘s campus what they thought volunteerism means, or what volunteering actually means to them. Here’s what they said…

“Taking time out of your life to help someone else.”

-Marisa Schleimer, senior

“Putting the needs of others first, for a cause or something you believe in.”

Nicole Paterno, senior

“Volunteering means the act of giving back and providing help where it is truly needed.”

Steve Rue, junior

“For karma. If I do good things, good things will come back to me.”

-Katie Fitzpatrick, senior

Doing something good for someone else around the community for the benefit of others with no personal gain.”

-Brielle Wilber, senior

“It means putting in time and help without being told to do so. Also, it is helping certain people or a cause by your own motivation.”

Carly Buccino, freshman

“Volunteerism means to give up your time to help people without being forced.”

Kyle Mongelluzzo, senior